Wednesday, November 25, 2009

William Robinson in "Religion and Life"

I just finished reading William Robinson's 1925 book, Religion and Life. I really appreciated this quotation and wanted to share it:

“Remember, the call to the Kingdom is a call to strenuous action, to dangerous living. The Church is to manifest the Kingdom to the world. If she is to do this she must apply her Master’s doctrine of the Kingdom to her life in the world. If she is prepared to take this course it will mean something for the rooting out of social evils which now abound everywhere—of selfishness in the industrial world, sexual evils, the drink curse, and war. How far is the Church prepared to stoop to remove these? To the Cross? The Church has the only weapon which can succeed—the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is God’s power to accomplish the world’s salvation. But the Gospel is based on the path of self-renunciation which leads to His Kingdom. Christianity has too often been presented as a system of ‘get,’ but it is largely a system of ‘give.’ Likewise it is not merely a matter of salvation: it is a matter of being saved to serve. We need not stand gazing into the heavens looking for a kingdom or a reign which is to bring personal aggrandizement or power of a worldly kind; for such will not come. For the present our way is here, our task is at the door, the way is that of self-denial. Christianity is founded on a theology—it is the Truth: it is a religion, and as such is realized in a life of communion—it is the Life: but it is also the Way—a life of service to humanity” (85-86).

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