Monday, March 8, 2010

My Academy Award Reactions

I won’t comment on every category—just the major ones based on the movies I’ve seen. I didn’t get to see as many films as I did last year, so sorry if my response I decided to follow the model of my friend Drew’s Lost synopses and write this in stream of conscience as the show goes along.

Opening song a little weird. Neil Patrick Harris seemed winded while singing it. Martin and Baldwin were kinda funny. Was it just me or did George Clooney look like he wasn’t very amused?

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: I haven’t seen The Messenger, The Last Station, or The Lovely Bones. Christoph Waltz and Matt Damon were both amazing in their roles, however and I think the Academy did well in picking Waltz.

BEST ANIMATED FILMS: I have yet to see Fantastic Mr Fox, Coraline, or The Secret of Kells. Between Up and The Princess and the Frog, I would pick Up, even though I am glad Disney decided to make more hand-drawn animation films. And they picked Up—I again approve of the Academy’s choice.

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: I haven’t seen Paris 36, Nine, or Crazy Heart. Man, I just realized how few of the movies I have seen this year. It’s not as exciting.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: I don’t understand how to even comment on this category. Every year I try and guess who wins, I’m wrong. Cassandra claims she knew The Hurt Locker would win. I suspect she’s lying.

Loved the John Hughes tribute.

Ben Stiller bit was great. “Too nerdy” . . . lol.

Yay!!! Star Trek won an Oscar (for Best Makeup, but still).

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Haven’t seen Nine or Crazy Heart. Based on what I’ve seen, I would vote for Mo’Nique . . . and she won. Based on the categories I know something about, I’m 100 % on my picks (all whopping three of them).

I’m mad at our local ABC station. THREE TIMES so far we have missed the first few seconds after commercial breaks (because they allowed local commercials to go too long) and not been able to understand jokes because of it.

Why won’t Kristen Stewart go away?

CINEMATOGRPHY: Definitely has to be Avatar . . . and I was right again. As I have told the bigtime Avatar fans, YES, the film is worthy of winning awards for Cinematography and some Visual Effects, but Best Picture, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

ORIGINAL SCORE: So hard to choose. I loved the music in Sherlock Holmes, Up, and Avatar. If I were to pick the music I liked most, it would be Sherlock Holmes, but I think Up will win. Up won. Michael Giacchino is quickly moving up my list of favorite movie composers due to his recent work on Lost, Star Trek, and Up. I look forward to see his future work.

VISUAL EFFECTS: As much as I love Star Trek and enjoyed District 9, my vote would be Avatar. Definitely worthy.

ACTOR: I haven’t seen Crazy Heart or Single Man, so I can’t comment on Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth. Out of the others, I would vote for Morgan Freeman (although I also loved Clooney in Up in the Air [my pick for Best Picture by the way]), but based on what I’ve heard about Crazy Heart, I’m assuming Jeff Bridges will win. Yep.

ACTRESS: I haven’t seen The Last Station or An Education. I’m guessing Sandra Bullock will win, which I can go with.

DIRECTOR: Is there behind the scenes information about the directors that academy voters know that we don’t? Cause I never guess this category correctly. I’m going to go with Catherine Bigelow. I heard James Cameron on NPR the other day saying he would be the first to cheer for her and he did, in fact, look genuinely happy about her winning.

PICTURE: While I think having 10 nominees is interesting, I still don’t like it. I think it cheapens a Best Picture nomination by having so many films nominated. I’ve seen 8 of the 10 films (haven’t seen Serious Man or An Education). I had been putting my vote with Up in the Air, but after the way things have gone tonight, how could it not be The Hurt Locker? And it is. I’m so glad Avatar didn’t win. As much as I enjoyed Avatar, it was not Best Picture worthy, as I’ve said all along. Groundbreaking? Yes. Amazing special effects and cinematography? Yes. But that’s not what makes a Best Picture winner. Thanks to the academy for not simply caving into ticket sales. I still thought Up in the Air was the best movie I saw in 2009. Amazing acting, great concept, very timely concerning the current economic downturn, and great moral to the story. Oh well—I’ve only picked the right Best Picture a few times.

What are your reactions?

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