Saturday, August 15, 2009

Questions concerning "overpopulation"

Recently, I have been thinking more and more about issues concerning the Christian faith and the use of contraceptives due to some posts on Craig Carter's blog (The Politics of the Cross Resurrected; I don't always agree with Carter [he's a little too conservative for my taste sometimes], but he has some challenging stuff to say) and some reading of Roman Catholic moral theology (from Pope Benedict and others). I haven't come to any firm conclusions yet, but I have definitely have a much greater appreciation for natural family planning (NFP). My shift has definitely come in light of the changing view that people have in the western world toward children (as almost a curse or an unwanted responsibility rather than as a blessing). Carter noted on a recent blog that 40 years ago, Pope Paul VI wrote an encyclical in which he argued that increasing availability to birth control in the Western world would lead to:
1) an increase in marital infidelity,
2) a general lowering of moral standards, especially among the young,
3) husbands viewing their wives as sex objects
4) governments forcing massive birth control programs on their people.

Carter notes the Pope Paul was correct in his predictions.


So, as I have been thinking about issues concerning sex, birth control, and NFP, I read this interesting article on CNN's website by Sara Sidner. See

The article begins "On World Population Day this year India's new health and welfare minister came out with an idea on how to tackle the population issue: Bring electricity to every Indian village so that people would watch television until late at night and therefore be too tired to make babies."

I do understand that there are issues of overpopulation in India that are a concern. In an avocation of NFP I am not arguing for recklessness. There is still a P in NFP. I, however, am troubled by articles like this one. Should India really import western entertainment (and the view of children that goes with it) as a form of birth control?

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