Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rush in "I Love You Man"

Cassandra and I just watched "I Love You Man." Cassandra wasn't that thrilled, but it was more of a "guy movie." I enjoyed it, but could have done without some of the course jokes.

The most thrilling aspect for me, however, was that Jason Segel and Paul Rudd's characters in the film were huge Rush fans (for those of you who don't know, Rush is my favorite band of all time). At different times during the film, the two attempt to play Rush covers and at one point go to a Rush concert, making this one of the best movie scenes ever (I love the perplexed look on Rashida Jones' face; unfortunately embedding is disabled, but you can click on the link):

And just for fun, here's a blast from Jason Segel's past when he plays "Spirit of the Radio" on the drums in Freaks and Geeks (I love the look on his dad's face).

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